Slow dancing on the bus…

…is hard.

On my first night back in Paris, after a brief adventure in Nantes, I somehow amongst the labyrinth of the train stations, no phones and no knowledge of French, found these magical people. My friend from New Orleans, and his lovely friend (now mine too- lucky me) Zoe from Bristol. I met them at the train station in Nogent and we immediately boarded the bus and switched on a 45 of Fats Domino. Though you may not be able to tell from this photo, everyone really got into it…eventually.



Zurich Lake

In Switzerland
I didn’t get
a single dance.

But golly was it beautiful.

Slow dances on Montmartre

My first day in Paris was grand! I made 4 euro, a cigarette, two phone numbers and a few new friends.


This is Guillaume. He makes beautiful music and you ought to be his friend or at the very least have a listen. Youtube or google Ananda Cyanotic.


Photo and cigarette courtesy of Djamal from Algeria.


My very own handsome armed green beret bodyguard.