We Set A Christmas Tree Named 2016. On Fire

You know that thing that happens on new years eve- when everyone is shouting “ten! …nine!” and then all of the sudden, for ten seconds, time slows down to an incalculable speed, just like in a dream, and you’re suspended into a world that’s separate from your body and you become an omniscient spectator to your past year of life who can fly and teleport and speed up and slow down time? You know, that thing that happens? It’s sort of like that scene in a bazillion movies where the protagonist is about to die. And then there it is, the last ten seconds of his or her life, and the grim reaper is off in the distance shouting, “…ten! …nine!” and all of the sudden your cinema hero is catapulted into a roller coaster time lapse of the most glorious and poignant memories of their life leading up to that very moment. It’s sort of like that, subtract the the death and add booze and glitter. …And then you hear the crowd shouting faintly from a distance as hurl yourself back into real time, “…three! …two! …ONE!” and someone appears from out nowhere and plants a big wet kiss on your face.

I might be a romantic, or nostalgic and quixotic, but for ten seconds there, I am telling you- I was gazing up at a hundred-foot-tall mechanical elephant in France. I wasn’t reminiscing; I was there. I was in Spain being carried through the sea and I could taste the salt and I could feel my body moving weightlessly over the waves. I could smell the rain in Paris and I could hear the train approaching in Berlin. All of those feelings of awe, of love, of grief, of bliss, surged into my heart and grabbed hold of it, forcefully, for ten seconds, and then they let go. Just like that. Happy new year.

Here are a few sweet moments from the new years eve party I hosted last night in my home. We were serenaded throughout the evening by beautiful and interesting live music, and by the slow dance machine intermittently. So much love in the room.


Please do check back for more stories about this past summer.


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